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Grinding Chucks

Our standard Grinding Chucks are used for a variety of grinding applications including tool room grinding, lighting milling and sinker EDM, precision grinding, and more.

We have grinding chucks ranging from our electromagnetic LBP, Interloc, and TBP, to our permanent magnetic C-2 and Neomicro2.

Grinding Chucks – Workholding Magnets

LBP Electromagnetic Grinding Chuck
The Walker LBP fine division electromagnetic chuck is extremely versatile suitable for both grinding and EDM operations. Its variable holding power allows you to hold the workpiece accurately, so that there is just enough force to hold the workpiece in place. The magnetic surface pattern allows for simple and inexpensive tooling designs to hold intricately shaped workpieces. It simplifies complicated set ups with accurate repeatability. Sizes range from 4″x8″ to 16″x32″. Contact factory for detailed specs and pricing. Commonly used in grinding and suitable for sinker EDM applications.

C-2 Permanent Magnetic Grinding Chuck
The Walker C-2 is the most widely accepted permanent magnetic chuck in the machine tool industry. In addition to its ease of installation and operation, this Walker design offers the highest holding power available on the market. It simplifies complicated set-ups with accurate repeatability. Common uses are Tool room grinding and suitable for light milling EDM applications.

Interloc – Electromagnetic Grinding Chuck
This universal workholding chuck offers maximum effective holding on the widest range of workpiece shapes and sizes. Its effectiveness is considerably enhanced by the new low-profile feature, which adds more head room under the wheel. Only 3 1/2″ in height, this low profile Interloc is a full 1 1/2″ less than competitive units of the same type. This savings in height permits greater flexibility with added head room under the wheel to position the work or handle bulkier pieces. This results in savings in set up time and added productivity. It also reduces the chuck weight by 30% or more. The low profile is achieved with no loss of strength, precision or holding power. With the unique Walker Interloc design, more than 75% of the chuck’s surface is major north or south poles, making it easier to locate workpieces without concern for locating poles. There is no wear loss due to the shallower polarity pattern in the replaceable top plate. Common Uses grinding and light milling applications.

Neomicro2 – Permanent Magnetic Grinding Chuck
The Neomicro², is new and improved, replacing the Neomicro. This type of chuck is designed to reliably hold a large range of workpiece sizes, from very small and thin up to larger workpiece sizes, for precision grinding jobs. Common uses are for ideally clamping very thin and small components. It will also hold larger workpieces as well.

TBP – Electromagnetic Grinding Chuck
These transverse bar pole chucks are specially designed for smaller, thinner workpieces and tool steel. The magnetic poles and coils run across the chuck, creating more pole area. This chuck, being special in design, offers superb holding power, but because they are custom made, we would only recommend them when careful investigation has shown that one of our standard chucks will not fit the application. Selection of this design should only be made with the assistance of our Engineering Department. Model Smart Controls are recommended for all Walker Electromagnetic Chucks.

LBP Series Features

Maximum workholding surface

Fine pole Division for more uniform magnetic holding of small parts

Lowest height for maximum clearance

Solid brazed construction top plate protects coil from penetration of coolant; provides stronger, more stable work surface.

The LBP is an extremely versatile chuck. Its variable holding power permits easy flat grinding (without shimming) of workpieces that do not have one true surface.

The magnetic surface pattern allows for simple and inexpensive tooling designs to hold intricate shaped workpieces.

Suitable for EDM applications

4 x 8262.8822
6 x 12502.8846
6 x 18852.8870
8 x 15952.8880
8 x 181002.88100
8 x 241502.88130
10 x 15822.88130
12 x 241413.13185
16 x 322943.69312
C-2 Series Features

Manufactured with high power neodymium magnets

Full magnetic surface to all edges - powerful holding over entire chuck surface

Fine pole divisions - for more uniform magnetic holding of small parts

Solid construction top plate - protects permanent magnetic pack from penetration of EDM fluids. Provides stronger and more rigid work surface

Lowest height of any permanent chuck - for added clearance on larger workpieces

Supplied with (2) hold down clamps

Magnetic field does not affect EDM operation

Milling finish on sides and ends

Angled backrest and end stop

Size (Inches)Height (Inches)Weight (lbs)
6 x 122.7957
6 x 182.7986
8 x 182.79114
10 x 152.79125
10 x 182.79148
12 x 182.79172
12 x 242.79237
Interloc Series Features

Only 3.5” in height, this low profile design allows for more head room under the grinding wheel

Replaceable top plate

75% of chuck surface is major north or south poles

Lower profile height does not affect wear life after regrinding

SizeWattsApprox. Weight
12 x 24190275
12 x 36290428
14 x 36290450
16 x 32430520
18 x 36430625
20 x 40500725
Neomicro2 Features

Unique actuating mechanism eliminates switching deformation

Uniform magnet force distribution over entire working area

Neodymium magnetic system generating 30% higher force compared to other micropitch chucks

Maximum workholding

Very low magnetic field allowing easy disposal of grinding swarf

Low height allowing maximum wheelhead clearance and ability to use the Neomicro on top of another chuck

Backrest and end stop on two adjacent sides

Allen key


5.9 x 5.9150 x 150220
5.9 x 9.8150 x 250233
5.9 x 11.8150 x 300240
5.9 x 13.7150 x 350249
5.9 x 17.7150 x 450262
7.87 x 15.74200 x 400273
7.87 x 17.7200 x 450282
7.87 x 23.6200 x 6002.2108
11.8 x 23.6300 x 6002.2179
TBP Features

Specifically designed for Grinding smaller, thinner workpieces and tool steel; such as D2 material

The magnetic poles and coils run across the chuck, creating more pole area

SizeWattsApprox. Weight
6 x 18131110
8 x 18100165
10 x 19135145
12 x 15170210
12 x 24285300
12 x 36425430
16 x 32500535