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Chuck Controls

Manual and Automatic release controls for machine mounting. Our Chuck Controls were designed with safety and ease of use in mind. Our controls work with many of our workholding products.

Chuck Controls Details

Smart-B Series

The Smart B-Series automatic release chuck control has full, variable and residual holding designed to be used with any electromagnetic chucks with input of 115 VAC, Output 0-110 VDC and wattage capacities between 0 – 500.


Manual release chuck control. Variable holding. Provides a direct current supply. Input 115 VAC, output 0-110 VDC and up to 150 watts. Designed to be used with electromagnetic chucks.

Smart-B Series

Touchpad control allows easy selection of full, residual, variable, and release positions

Automatic release cycle assures workpiece release, while freeing machine operators from manual demagnetizing operations

ModelWattage CapacityShip Weight (lbs.)
SCV-1.5 features

Manual release control with variable holding

ModelWattsNet Weight (lbs)